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Leadership Delivering Results for State Employees
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With Dedication to Service, Years of Experience, and Resilience


SEANC has been a steadfast presence in my journey, embodying the essence of dedication, service, and growth. In 1996, I became part of the State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC) community at UNC-Chapel Hill, forging a connection that has endured over the years.

As the First Vice President of SEANC at the State level, my current role stands as a testament to my steadfast commitment. Prior to this, I have held key roles within SEANC, including Second VP, Treasurer, Piedmont Regional Representative, D25 Chair, and liaison for various SEANC State committees. This service reflects my dedication to fostering growth and empowerment within our community.

My journey of dedication to the State of North Carolina spans two decades, across diverse domains and remarkable achievements. My pursuit of higher education has been a cornerstone of my growth, including a Master's degree in Information Systems from Keller Graduate School of Management, a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from North Carolina Central University, and an associate's Degree in Civil Engineering from Horry Georgetown Technical College. Notably, I hold the distinction of being a certified government CIO, certified by the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Government.

Recognition of my leadership capabilities has been a constant throughout my journey. I was honored with a scholarship for Leadership North Carolina and received a certificate of achievement in acknowledgment of my contributions. Recently, I successfully completed the NC Institute of Political Leadership, further enriching my skill set and earning another certificate of achievement.

Additionally, my tenure has been marked by my resolute determination to ensure organizational stability during periods of IT challenges. Leveraging my extensive experience in information technology, I worked tirelessly to ensure the organization stayed afloat amidst technical difficulties, embodying a spirit of resilience and problem-solving.

My commitment to nurturing engagement and involvement is a driving force in my journey. I am a passionate advocate for encouraging newcomers to the state and local municipalities to actively engage with SEANC. Central to my ethos is the belief in enabling individuals to help themselves and empowering them to achieve extraordinary feats.

In conclusion, my career narrative is one underscored by an unyielding dedication to service, a wealth of experience, and a steadfast commitment to driving positive change. This journey has been shaped by continuous learning, leadership development, resilience in the face of challenges, and an enduring belief in the potential of individuals to make a difference.

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