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From Humble Beginnings to Effective Governance: Advocating for Education, Retirement, Healthcare, and Living Wages

Emerging from modest origins, my family's legacy as generations of farmers has been etched in my memory. These early life lessons have molded my perspectives and drive.

I am resolute in my ambition to contribute to SEANC and its cause. Our employees urgently calls for the creation of quality jobs that offer livable wages, the transformation of our educational institutions, and a steadfast focus on enhancing public safety. This emphasis on safety extends to the realm of state employees, whose well-being and security are paramount.

Equipped with over 25 years of government experience, I possess the fortitude necessary to unravel complex challenges, navigate intricate bureaucratic channels, and achieve much needed results. My commitment to effective governance and Leadership  is rooted in understanding the needs of both the community and those who serve it – our dedicated state employees.

Additionally, my dedication extends to critical areas such as education, retirement, healthcare, and living wages. Recognizing the pivotal role these pillars play in shaping our community's well-being, I am steadfast in my pursuit of positive change. By advocating for improved educational opportunities, secure retirement systems, accessible healthcare, and equitable living wages, I aim to contribute to a more prosperous future for all.

Thank you for considering my steadfast commitment to effective governance and the comprehensive betterment of our community.

My Committment


SEANC: Elevating Commitment to Enhanced Benefits and Wages in Public Education

As I present myself for your consideration, I am driven by SEANC's unwavering dedication to enhancing the lives of our esteemed educators, staff, and university professionals. Our mission resonates through resolute efforts to advocate for improved benefits and wages within the realm of public schools and universities.

Recognizing the pivotal role that educators and university staff play in shaping the future, SEANC has taken upon itself to champion their rightful recognition and equitable compensation.


Our unyielding commitment to advocating for enhanced benefits and wages is fueled by the belief that those who dedicate themselves to educating our students deserve nothing short of excellence.

Through strategic and targeted lobbying initiatives, we engage closely with educational stakeholders to amplify the voices of educators and staff. This collaborative approach ensures that their needs are not only acknowledged but also translated into meaningful policy changes. With each advocacy effort, we empower these individuals who tirelessly contribute to the growth and development of our communities.

If elected, I bring a personal commitment that is resolute and unwavering. My aim is to elevate these efforts to even greater heights, reflecting my belief that enhanced benefits and wages for public school and university personnel create an environment that truly values their unwavering dedication.

By elevating the conversation and translating words into action, we pave the way for the transformation of our education system into one that thrives, flourishes, and rightfully rewards those who play a vital role in shaping our society's future.


Ensuring Healthcare Security for State Employees Beyond Retirement: A SEANC Initiative

As I present myself for election, I am driven by SEANC's profound commitment to state employees, extending far beyond their active service years. Our paramount goal is to collaborate with legislators and stakeholders to restore the invaluable benefit of healthcare coverage after retirement for state employees.

This endeavor aligns seamlessly with our belief that the dedication of state employees deserves continuous recognition and support. By advocating for the reinstatement of healthcare benefits after retirement, we aim to offer a sense of security and well-being that resonates throughout their retirement years.

In alignment with our mission, we are diligently dedicated to establishing clear and transparent pricing in healthcare. Our collaboration with Treasurer Folwell on this essential project exemplifies our commitment to addressing complex healthcare issues.

Through years of dedicated effort, we have remained focused on ensuring that state employees receive the fair treatment they rightfully deserve in terms of their healthcare expenses.

If elected, my unwavering commitment is to persistently lead and drive these efforts with unyielding dedication. Together with legislators and stakeholders, SEANC remains devoted to elevating the conversation and enacting positive change. By championing the cause of healthcare benefits after retirement and advocating for transparent pricing, we not only honor the contributions of state employees but also strive to create a more equitable and supportive environment for their post-retirement years.

This initiative resonates deeply with SEANC's core values of advocacy, support, and an unshakable commitment to the holistic betterment of our community. I wholeheartedly embrace this mission, and your support in this journey is greatly appreciated.



Addressing the Cost of Living Adjustments for State Retirees: SEANC's Commitment

In the pursuit of a stronger and more secure future for our state retirees, I offer my unwavering commitment to continue SEANC's vital mission of addressing cost of living adjustments.


Our dedication to ensuring a resilient retirement system is more crucial than ever as we navigate the complexities of our evolving economic landscape.

Recognizing the challenges posed by inflation, I am deeply committed to collaborating with the Treasurer's office and legislative bodies to seek sustainable solutions. By focusing on strategies that harness higher returns, we aim to alleviate the impact of inflation on the lives of our retired state employees.

SEANC's relentless dedication to our members and the broader community fuels our advocacy for a retirement system that adapts to the ever-changing economic environment. I understand the profound significance of cost of living adjustments in upholding the quality of life for our retirees. My resolve is steadfast in ensuring their well-being through these adjustments.

If elected, I pledge to persistently advocate for this crucial cause throughout my tenure. My commitment resonates with the dedication of SEANC as a collective entity, further underscoring our shared determination to provide our retirees with the financial stability and security they so rightfully deserve.

Through collaborative efforts, unwavering advocacy, and a resolute commitment to our mission, I am confident that we can chart a course towards solutions that offer stability and tranquility for our esteemed retired state employees. Together, we shall overcome the challenges posed by inflation and forge a brighter, more secure future for those who have dedicated their careers to the service of our great state.

Living Wages

Advocating for a Better Living Wage: SEANC's Ongoing Commitment

At SEANC, we are steadfastly dedicated to championing the cause of a better living wage for our valued state employees. The foundation of our commitment lies in recognizing the essential role these individuals play in the functioning of our state, and our unwavering belief that they deserve fair compensation for their invaluable contributions.

SEANC has been, and will continue to be, at the forefront of efforts to collaborate with legislative bodies. Our mission is to bring about meaningful change that uplifts the financial well-being of state employees. Through open dialogue, strategic advocacy, and unwavering determination, we aim to work collaboratively with legislation to ensure a better living wage becomes a reality.

If elected, I am deeply committed to pushing forward on this crucial initiative. My pledge is to tirelessly advocate for the interests of our state employees and to be a strong voice in the pursuit of a fair and just living wage. By leveraging my position, experience, and dedication, I will actively work to ensure that this essential matter remains a top priority.

This commitment not only reflects my personal dedication but also embodies the spirit of SEANC as a whole. By striving for a better living wage, we aim to foster an environment where state employees are valued, recognized, and appropriately compensated for their hard work and dedication.

As we move forward, let us stand united in our pursuit of equitable compensation. Together, we can drive positive change, elevate the quality of life for state employees, and build a stronger future for our entire community.

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